Exploring remote locations exposed almost solely to the elements is where I find inspiration. My work is drawn to the relationships between humans and their natural environments and the way in which our environments shape us as individuals and as communities My interest in more remote or isolated communities is based not only on the clear distinction of lifestyle and disposition but also the general approach towards time, nature and being.  "It is well documented that humans shape the environments they live in, but I feel that these environments equally shape humans. Whether approached as a question of lineage, mythology, or environmentalism, I investigate the legacies that the natural environment imprints upon us. A relationship between physical space and personal space, I believe in the connectedness between humans and the environment; humans are not separate, but rather are of the earth." (Montgomery, 2016.)
My work refers the heightened state of awareness or the metaphysical experience that occurs when we connect directly to our natural surroundings. My work is an exchange, a defining moment of clarity where we can witness a transference from an intellectual to a visceral understanding of ourselves.

I work with painting, drawing, photo, wool, and wood.