(posted on 7 May 2017)


May 5—May 27, 2017

  • Dreamland II

    oil and chalk pastel on canvas
    60" × 80"

Christina Parker Gallery is pleased to introduce painter Kristina Søbstad, in her inaugural exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition, HEIGHTENED, presents a series of evocative oil and chalk pastel paintings on canvas created between 2016 and 2017.

The artist opening reception is on May 5th from 5:30 – 8:00 and the exhibition will continue until May 27.

Exploring remote locations exposed almost solely to the elements is where I find inspiration. My work is drawn to the relationships between humans and their natural environments and the way in which our environments shape us as individuals and as communities My interest in more remote or isolated communities is based not only on the clear distinction of lifestyle and disposition but also the general approach towards time, nature and being. It is well documented that humans shape the environments they live in, but I feel that these environments equally shape humans. Whether approached as a question of lineage, mythology, or environmentalism, I investigate the legacies that the natural environment imprints upon us. A relationship between physical space and personal space, I believe in the connectedness between humans and the environment; humans are not separate, but rather are of the earth.

This exhibition, entitled Heightened, refers to the heightened state of awareness or the metaphysical experience that occurs when we connect directly to our natural surroundings. My work is an exchange, a defining moment of clarity where we can witness a transference from an intellectual to a visceral understanding of ourselves.


Kristina Søbstad is a Canadian – Norwegian visual artist currently based out of St. John’s, NL. Canada. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1984, she earned a BFA majoring in Fine Art from NSCAD University in 2010, with continuing education from NSCAD University, 2015. In September 2017, Søbstad will begin a Masters of Arts through Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. Søbstad’s work is primarily oil and acrylic on canvas as well as mixed media on paper.

Since 2007, Søbstad has actively been exhibiting internationally, participating in over 100 group and solo exhibitions. In 2015, after a group exhibition in Paris, Søbstad’s work was purchased by the Francophilie Art Bank in Paris.

As an advocate for mental health awareness and general wellbeing, Søbstad is involved with various charitable organizations including the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance and the Mosaic for mental health. In addition, her work “Promenade” is featured as the cover of Dr. Allan Abbass’ international best-selling book, “Reaching through Resistance.”

In 2014, Søbstad was nominated for the St. Albert emerging artists Mayoral Celebration of the Arts award, while exhibiting her work commercially in the heart of Edmonton. In 2015, Søbstad attended NES Artist residency in northern Iceland, researching isolated communities across the island for her “Dreamland” series, a traveling exhibition. In 2017 Søbstad will be traveling to Chile to attend a 2-week residency with the Museum of Modern Art in Chiloe. Søbstad is currently exploring remote communities in NFLD, Canada for her upcoming expedition series.